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What Attracts a Man to a Woman?

Dating Advice for Women - What attracts menSure it’s easy for a woman to attract men of low stature in society. You know the type. Lazy. Unattractive. Would rather stay home and watch re-runs of Honey Boo-boo than go out for a nice dinner.

But attracting quality men can be a bit trickier. These are the men who are successful, handsome, and after more than just a pretty face. While there is no magic formula for attracting all men, here’s what attracts a man to a woman.

What is it Exactly that Attracts a Man to a Woman?

1. Women who are open to new things.

Many women go on dates and actually tell men all the things that they would never do. Sure this is acceptable when it comes to extreme activities, such as ski diving, or climbing a mountain.

But when a woman declares right off the bat that she will never watch an action movie, will never fly across the world, or will never watch a television show we like, this is not attractive!

Many of these women believe they are revealing their likes and dislikes, but all they are doing is communicating that being with them will be a lifetime of shot down ideas and fun.

2. The promise of excitement in the bedroom.

Let’s be real. Men are visual creatures. Its been programmed into our DNA since the time we were cavemen, seeking out aesthetically pleasing women who had the best odds of producing a fertile baby.

To this day, men still hold looks to a much higher standard then they probably should. For this reason, the promise of sexuality is very important to a man.

We don’t want a promiscuous woman or someone that attracts negative attention everywhere she goes. But we do want a woman who isn’t afraid to dress a little sexy every now and then, while maintaining a classy outwards appearance.

Quality men want to know that if they settle down with one woman for the rest of their lives, they won’t be bored sexually, or visually.

3. The ability to be spontaneous.

Men have a hard time settling down as it is. Knowing that we are with women who will always keep us on our toes, and are always open to new adventures will ease these fears dramatically. Not to mention, being spontaneous is fun!

4. Showing a little mystery.

Let’s face it. Everyone loves a little bit of a challenge. Especially men who are used to getting their way with women.

Not being an open book with your feelings towards a man will go a long way towards peaking his interest, and creating the often coveted, “thrill of the chase.”

5. Being Independent.

Nothing is worse than a woman who shows the inability to have any form of a social life outside of the relationship between herself and the guy she is dating.

These are the women that text message men around the clock, blow their phones up every night, and expect every weekend to be completely dedicated to them right off the bat.

Men love being around women, but we also love our man time alone as well. Give us some time to breathe, and show us that you can enjoy life without us, and we will want to enjoy life with you much more.

6. Demonstrating Intelligence.

While men may be visual creatures, intelligence coupled with looks will have us counting down the days before we can lock you up into a relationship.

Nobody wants to be with an airhead that can’t talk about anything other than the latest episode of Kim and Kourtney take NY. Looks peak our interest. Looks and intelligence cement the relationship.

About the Author:

Joshua Pompey - What Attracts WomenFor more free information and articles about online dating and relationships by Joshua Pompey, click here, or to learn about his best selling e-book series.


by Suzanne Oshima

Suzanne K. Oshima is a Matchmaker, Dating Coach & Founder at Dream Bachelor & Bachelorette. She is also the Founder of Single in Stilettos, which gives women the best dating advice & tips to help them meet, attract & keep the one. Suzanne has been seen on Bravo TV, The Today Show, Good Afternoon America, Inside Edition, BBC Radio, Glamour Magazine, Men’s Health and much more!

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As seen on:
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