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Is She Interested in Me for the Right Reasons?

matchmaker dating coach for men

With anything in life, we must take the good along with the bad. Dating beautiful women is no exception. Some are completely pure with their intentions, while others are after nothing more than a paycheck and free ride when it comes to pursuing successful men.

For those of us who are deemed successful in the financial department by society, it is important that we keep our guard up and make the distinction between women who are in it for the money, and those who have a genuine interest.

What Attracts a Man to a Woman?

Dating Advice for Women - What attracts men

What are men attracted to? Of course, looks are important, but that's not the only thing a man looks for in a woman.

If you want to attract a quality man, then it's important to have these 6 things, that will impress a guy and make him think of you for the long term.

What Attracts a Woman – 5 Qualities

Matchmaker New York Dating Coach New York- What Attracts Women

Want to know what attracts women to men?

Find out the 5 secret qualities that attracts women to men...and guess what? It has nothing to do with your looks!

If you possess these qualities, you can attract the most gorgeous women who you may have thought were out of your league.

If a hot guy doesn't have these qualities, he won't get very far with any woman!

How Do I Find Love?

man relationship signs

So, you're single and you're looking for love. And your biggest question is....How do I find love?

Here's the good news, today you have so many options to help you find love. If you're really serious about truly finding love, then you really need to focus on putting yourself out there in as many different ways as possible.

The more things you do, the better chance you have in finding love!

Should I Break Up With Someone Before the Holidays?

Holiday Dating Advice Break Up

Are you wondering if you should break up with someone before the Holidays?

On the Today Show this morning, Matt and Savannah did a segment on how to handle awkward holiday situations. Several questions were posed to Matt Damon and Philip Galanes, New York Times advice columnist.

The biggest question was, "I want to break up with my boyfriend. But it's already December, and my friends tell me it's mean to break up at the holidays. Do I really have to wait until after New Year's?".

As seen on:
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