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Just Say Yes! | Dating Tips for Women

Millionaire Matchmaker - YesToday my friend Lori Bizzoco, from sent me a quick email and asked me if I was available on a specific date to go to an event.  No details at all, she didn’t even say what the event was or anything about it.

I could have easily emailed her back and asked her more details about what the event was….to see if I really wanted to go, but I didn’t.

Millionaire Matchmaker - Patti Stanger

Do you know why?

My attitude was, no matter where we go, I’m just going to go and have fun!

So, I emailed her back and said, “Yes!”.

She emailed me back and it turns out, she wanted to bring me as her guest to an event with Patti Stanger, Millionaire Matchmaker!

How fun does that sound?!  And how glad am I that I just said, “yes!”.

Now you’re probably thinking, what does this have to do with dating besides the fact the event has to do with the Millionaire Matchmaker, and I’m also a Matchmaker?

Well, it got me thinking….why can’t more women treat their dating lives like that?!

When someone tries to set you up on a date…a friend, family member or you just get asked out on a date by a new guy, why can’t you just go, just to have fun?

Stop trying to have all the information about the person up front before you even go on the date….of course, some basic info is needed, but you really don’t need to know every single detail about a guy before a first date!

As a Matchmaker & Dating Coach, I can’t tell you how many times I hear a story about a woman turning down a first date with a great guy, just because he’s missing one thing or he has just one thing she’s ‘iffy’ about.

One time a friend of mine, tried to set up her friend on a first date.  Her friend said ‘no’ to a great guy who had everything that she was looking for, just because he was divorced.

Now don’t get me wrong I know some divorces are messy, but there was no drama from his divorce.  It just didn’t work out and he didn’t have kids from the previous marriage.

But, it didn’t matter to her, she wanted to be with someone who had never been married before, so she said ‘no’ to the date.

My friend knew she was making a mistake, but knew she couldn’t tell that to her.  It was something she really had to figure out on her own.

Do you know, she emailed my friend a couple months later and said, she made a mistake?

She said she had met a few men over the last several months, who were divorced and really great guys.  She felt bad that she had judged and rejected the guy, just because he was divorced.  She ended up changing her ‘deal breaker’ list and said, she was now open to dating men who were divorced!

Millionaire Matchmaker New York

The moral of this whole story is…sometimes you just have to say ‘yes’ to the date, or any opportunities in life…because you never know what you may be missing out on.

If you dated like that….you just might actually meet Mr. Right, just because you took a chance!


by Suzanne Oshima

Suzanne K. Oshima is a Matchmaker, Dating Coach & Founder at Dream Bachelor & Bachelorette. She is also the Founder of Single in Stilettos, which gives women the best dating advice & tips to help them meet, attract & keep the one. Suzanne has been seen on Bravo TV, The Today Show, Good Afternoon America, Inside Edition, BBC Radio, Glamour Magazine, Men’s Health and much more!

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As seen on:
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