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Dating Coach for Women

What will a Dating Coach do for me?

Dating Coach for Women New York NYC

A Dating Coach will help you if you are having trouble finding and keeping the right man.

We will elevate you to become the kind of woman who is open to love and easily attract the man of her dreams.

How do I know if date coaching can help me?

We completely understand that dating can be frustrating when you don’t understand what men really think & want when it comes to dating & relationships.

So, ask yourself a few questions and answer them honestly:

  • Are you frustrated that you just don’t know where to meet the right men?
  • Are you frustrated you can’t seem to get past a few dates with men, before they disappear?
  • Do you wonder if you’re doing something wrong to scare men away?

If you answered, “yes” to any of the above questions, then a Dating Coach can help you. (see below chart for some the many dating challenges we’ve helped many of our clients with.)

How will the Dating Coach work with me?

Dating Coach for womenThe Dating Coach will work with you to one-on-one to help you become crystal clear on what type of men you want to attract and what type of relationship you want.

The Dating Coach will work with your inner core to help you master the psychology, so you can release your fears and doubts that might be standing in your way of success with men. So you can attract the man of your dreams and once and for all end up in a long term relationship.

The Dating Coach will also give you the secrets of what men think & want from women, and what makes a man think of you in terms of a long term relationship and marriage material.

And if you want to see what it’s like to work with one of our Dating Coaches, you can apply for a complimentary session (value: $497). If we feel we can help you, we will set up phone or Skype call with you.

Apply for a Complimentary Session

To apply for your complimentary session (value: $497), click on the button below.

Find Love Now Breakthrough - Schedule Session

Below are some of the many dating problems that we’ve helped our clients with.

Dating ProblemHow We Can Help You
Men Never Approach Me!
Men Will Approach You Everywhere

If men aren't approaching you when you're out, then we'll give you the secret tips on how to get more men to approach you day or night.

I'm Not Having Any Luck with Online Dating
Online Dating Profile Makeover
  • Write or revise your online dating profile to attract more men to contact you

  • Photo shoot - Men are very visual, so your photos are the key factor on your profile. We will tell you what type of photos will attract the right men.

  • Email tips to help you get a better response rate

Divorced & Dating Again, Now What!?
New You, New Dating Life!

The dating game has changed a lot since you were single, but don't let that frighten you or keep you from getting back out there.

We will help you jump back in the game at a pace you feel comfortable.

We'll take you through all the right steps, so you find the right guy!

Where Can I Meet More Men?
Meet Men In Places You Never Thought Of

We'll tell you the secrets of where to meet men, and it's not in bars or clubs.

The tips we give you are unique to you based on your lifestyle & interests.
I Keep Attracting the Wrong Men
Start Attracting Quality Men

If you're attracting the wrong men all the time, then more often than not, there's something you need to change.

We are experts at helping you uncover what it is that's sending the wrong message and helping you fix it.

I'm Afraid to Approach A Guy!
Approach a Guy Without Being Too Aggressive or Desperate

We know it's scary to approach a guy, because of the fear of rejection.

We'll show you how to approach a guy, so there's zero chance of being rejected. And you'll never seem too aggressive or desperate to him.

What Are Men Attracted to Physically?
Fact: Men are Visual

If a man isn't attracted to a woman, he will not approach her to find out if she has a great personality.

We'll give you the secrets of what attracts a man and what turns a man off.
Men Keep Disappearing After a Few Dates
Men Will Want to Be in a Long Term Relationship With You

We'll show you what you're doing to scare men off after a few dates.

We'll tell you the secrets of what you need to do, to make him think of you as marriage material.
My First Date Outfits Are Sending the Wrong Message
First Date Outfits that Attract & Give a Great First Impression

We will tell you what men are attracted to and what outfits send the wrong message.

We will put together key first date outfits for any occasion, so you make the lasting first impression!

Sleeping with Him Too Soon & You Could Lose Him
Sleep with Him at the Right Time & You Could Keep Him

We'll tell you the secrets of the right time to sleep with him and what men are thinking when it comes to getting you into bed.

Apply for a Complimentary Session

To apply for your complimentary session, click on the button below.

Find Love Now Breakthrough - Schedule Session

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