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Single Sessions

Dating-Advice-TipsIf you need help with a dating issue, then it’s time to get the right answer!

Suzanne can help you with any of the below dating issues and much more.

In just one session, Suzanne can tell you exactly what’s preventing you from meeting the right woman.

Single sessions are perfect for you…if you just need an answer or help to dating dilemma that you just can’t seem to figure out!

Dating ProblemHow We Can Help You
I'm Afraid to Approach Women!
Approach Women With Confidence

We know it's scary to approach a woman you're attracted to, because of the fear of rejection.

We'll show you how to approach a woman, in a natural way that you feel most comfortable with, and not in the Pick Up Artist way.

Don't let Pick Up Artists fool you, women can spot a PUA and they won't find that attractive!

I'm not the Hot Guy
You Don't Have to Be the Hot Guy to Get the Woman!

Looks are not #1 with women. Yes, women need to have some sort of attraction, but you don't have to be the Hot Guy to win a woman over.

We'll give you the secrets on what attracts a woman, what turns her off and what will win her over!

I'm Not Having Any Luck with Online Dating
Online Dating Profile Makeover

  • Write or revise your online dating profile to attract more women

  • Photo shoot - Your photos are the key factor on your profile. We will tell you what type of photos will attract the right women.

  • Email tips to help you get a better response rate

Divorced & Dating Again, Now What!?
New You, New Dating Life!

The dating game has changed a lot since you were single, but don't let that frighten you or keep you from getting back out there.

We will help you jump back in the game at a pace you feel comfortable.

We'll take you through all the right steps, so you find the right woman!

Where Can I Meet More Women?
Meet Women In Places You Never Thought Of

We'll tell you the secrets of where to meet more women (and it's not in bars or clubs!).

The tips we give you are unique to you based on your lifestyle & interests.

The Women I'm Dating Just Aren't the One
Start Attracting Women Who Meet Your Standards

If you keep dating women who just aren't the one, then more often than not, there's something you need to change.

We are experts at helping you uncover what is attracting you to the wrong women, and helping you fix it.

Women Don't Seem to Want to Go On Another Date with Me
Women Will Want to Go On Date After Date With You!

We'll show you what you need to do on the 1st, 2nd & 3rd dates.

We'll tell you the secrets to make her think of you as boyfriend material.

Fashion is Not My Thing - What Do I Wear on a 1st Date to Impress?
First Date Outfits that Attract & Give a Great First Impression

We will tell you what women are attracted to and what outfits will impress based on where you're going.

We will put together key first date outfits for any occasion, so you make the lasting first impression!

I Can't Read Her Body Language
Read Her Body Language Right & You'll Know When to Kiss Her & More!

We'll show you the secrets on how to read her body language and what signals suggest she wants you to kiss her & more!


About Suzanne K. Oshima:Press_logosDating Coach for Women - Suzanne OshimaI’m a Matchmaker & Dating Coach that has worked with thousands of single men and women to help them uncover and discover the core issues that are truly preventing or blocking them from meeting the one.

I’ve helped countless singles transform and change their love life to help them meet, attract & keep the one.  Over the years in working with both single men and women, I noticed that there was a complete disconnect between what women wanted in a man, and what men thought women wanted! 

I realized that having worked with so many single women, that I truly had the SECRETS and INSIDE SCOOP on what WOMEN REALLY WANT in a MAN.When I would talk to men, I realized that what they thought women wanted was the complete opposite of what women REALLY wanted in a man.I’ve coached thousands of single men when it comes to meeting and finding the right woman. I’m intuitive, straight forward, and have a knack for uncovering core issues that may be blocking you from meeting the right woman.

Many of my clients have to told me that my sessions are more intense than any therapy session they’ve ever had. And clients have often told me, that I have helped them uncover the core issues of what’s going on in their dating life…something other Therapists have been unable to achieve with them!Yes, really!I have had several clients who have gone through years of therapy, have a transformational breakthrough in working with me!

When I work with you, I focus on getting positive results when it comes to meeting, attracting & keeping the right woman.

So stop listening to advice that your friends and family members are giving you, it’s only confusing you, because they are biased when it comes to your love life.They will either tell you what you want to hear (which may not be the right answer!) or worse, they will tell you what you don’t want to hear…if they don’t like who you are dating.

When you work with me, I will give you my unbiased professional opinion of what’s really going on in your love life and why you haven’t met the right woman. I will tell you exactly what you need to change or fix, or what you could do to help you get better results when it comes to meeting, attracting & keeping the right woman now!

How Does it Work & What Does it Include?

One-on-one personal live session with Suzanne

Session is 1 hour

Session is done over Skype or phone (if you don’t have Skype, we will use the phone)



Suzanne has changed these men’s love lives:

“Relationships in general are really complicated because of the various aspects that encompass them. That’s where Suzanne comes in.

From the very beginning she takes you every step of the way, from a questionnaire, to interview, to professional photo shots, to dress and date suggestions, to online profile makeover, all the way to date observation and analysis.

It is important to keep in mind that people put in a lot of effort to finding their dream job. However, when it comes to dating, people tend to put relationships on the back burner when they should be placed in the forefront as a bigger priority.

Following her advice and step by step guide has truly transformed my life! My father once told me that two of the most important things in life is finding a good job with security and finding the right person to marry. That’s advice I feel anyone can take to the bank!”

~ Darren, 28
New York, NY

“As an experienced dater, I was confident that Suzanne’s date coaching would not have much to impart on me about dating etiquette. Little did I know, how wrong I was. Suzanne’s date coaching has made an immediate and visible positive impact on my dating life. I now feel that much more confident that I am projecting myself in a much more positive light, where it has completely changed the way women respond to me.”

~ Roger, 42
Executive Recruiter
New York, NY

“After I started working with Suzanne, as my Dating Coach she gave me some really creative ideas on places to meet women that I would have never thought of. I’m much more confident & relaxed when it comes to approaching and talking to women. I’ve also started to notice more women are now approaching and talking to me. This has definitely opened up more doors for me when it comes to dating.”

~ Andrew, 27
New York, NY

“I wasn’t having any luck with online dating, women just weren’t responding to me at all. Suzanne re-wrote my profile and took new photos. Not only are the women responding now, women are actually contacting me first!”

~ Ken, 38
Chicago, IL

“I was surprised at how intuitive Suzanne was when we first met. She really got me and figured out what was blocking me from meeting women. She has helped me unblock my past and now I’m meeting women without any problems.”

 ~ John, 33
L.A., CA

Single Session
One-on-One Session with Suzanne


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